Holidays and homemade kombucha. Spain, Costa del Sol.

There’s hundred ways to make your kombucha at home. Ask Google and you’ll see! For those who don’t know what kombucha actually is here’s an explanation:

It was enough for me to know about all these good bacteria that I desperately wanted to introduce to my diet, so decided to give it a try. To make this one pictured below I have used red tea from my local tea shop and some fresh ginger. I’m not a kombucha expert, it was actually my firs batch of this lovely drink and now I can truly recommend making it to anyone. It’s delicious and good for your belly!

It makes a perfect, little bit fizzy holiday drink.

To get you into a holiday mood I include few sunny pictures below!

La cala de Mijas and kombucha-1La cala de Mijas and kombucha-2La cala de Mijas and kombucha-3La cala de Mijas and kombucha-8La cala de Mijas and kombucha-9La cala de Mijas and kombucha-10La cala de Mijas and kombucha-12La cala de Mijas and kombucha-11La cala de Mijas and kombucha-13La cala de Mijas and kombucha-14La cala de Mijas and kombucha-15La cala de Mijas and kombucha-16La cala de Mijas and kombucha-17La cala de Mijas and kombucha-18La cala de Mijas and kombucha-6La cala de Mijas and kombucha-7

Click this 17 second video to feel the holiday mood even more!


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